Yeni Memar is the only high-quality Baku-based construction and design company

Established in 1997, Yeni Memar is the only high-quality Baku-based construction and design company. Having worked for many different developers and private clients over the past 20 years we can confidently say how proud we are of our strong track record. What makes us so unique is the fact that our team of extremely talented architects knows exactly what our clients wish to have. We understand intricacies of modern design and enjoy the challenge of working on the new projects daily. Working with our suppliers for more than two decades, we can confirm that our suppliers are genuinely cost-efficient and truly reliable. Delivering exceptional projects on time and on the budget is the standard for us, which shows the absolute dedication of all the members of our team.

Our Team


”Yeni Memar” is an international architecture and design consultancy focusing on strategy, architecture and design for corporate, public sector and education clients for new build, refurbishment and heritage projects. Our team has wealth of experience and comprises architects, interior designers, analysts, technicians, graphic designers and communication experts. We cover all architectural workstages, adding further value with our extensive analytical tools and experience.



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4 Hasanoglu str. Baku/Azerbaijan | T: +994 12 566 92 99
E-Mail: office@yenimemar.az